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About The retreat

Self-love, confidence & mindset retreat

One of the above is holding you back in your life – significantly.

Holding you back from relationships, opportunities, financial abundance, health, happiness and far more.

If you’re seeing this page, then this is your chance to finally change that. 

To step into the empowered version of you through daily workshops, discovering a life that is brighter, and more exciting and the love you have for yourself, your life and those around you is on a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL.

So join me and a group of like-minded individuals in Zakinthos, for yes a holiday, but also for a life changing week of self-discovery and ultimately – transformation.

Most people go on holiday to ESCAPE their life.


So how about going on holiday where you learn how to LOVE your life?


Ready To Rewire Your Mind?

Proven Workshops Backed By
Leading-edge Neuroscience

When we want to make a change, it's important that we understand WHY and HOW we are making that change. Due to this, the entire retreat is rooted in research from the following areas...

Stuff that ACTUALLY works.

Before The Retreat?

👉 Constantly overwhelmed, anxious and/or worried


👉 Feeling lost and without direction on how to gain control of your mind and future.


👉 Tired of not living up to your full potential

After The Retreat

👉 In CONTROL of your mind and your emotions


👉 Feeling CONFIDENT in yourself and your decisions
👉 Ready to take action with CLARITY

The complete reset you deserve.

That provides real results.


What you Will Get

There's not too much to explain here... the pictures say it all!
Our retreat villa(s) and accommodation is nothing short of luxurious, yet calm and paired back, making it the perfect backdrop for life changing transformation.

The second day of the retreat, we'll head out for the day and explore the island from the water! Zakinthos is famous for its electric blue water and Carretta-Carretta sea turtles, which - if you're lucky, you'll see (and more) on this trip!


This excursion for many people is one that whilst relaxing, nudges guests to start thinking about how staying within their comfort zone may be holding them back and gives them a chance to start heading into their stretch zone.

Each day, you'll be guided by experts through workshops designed to enhance your relationship with yourself - confidence, self-love, acceptance of the past, authenticity...
All sessions are backed by the science of leading edge neuroscience, positive psychology and NLP.

You can find the full list of sessions in the itinerary at the bottom of the page!

Mid-week, you'll head out early for a 40 minute hike up through the Greek hills to a place called Skopos, which is known for its breathtaking views - particularly in the mornings, where the sunrise is a truly magical experience!

But this isn't just a hike.

Walking up in silence, the hike begins with a mindful practice to help you practice tapping into the present moment and focusing on appreciating the 5 senses whilst noticing what thoughts come up.

At the summit, all guests take part in a powerful activity, targeting their own personal intention for the retreat.

The Wim Hof breathing method is a technique that has quite frankly, a RIDICULOUS tonne of benefits, and is a retreat favourite among our guests.

By participating in these sessions, you'll find that you have:

- Increased energy
- Better sleep
- Reduced stress levels
- Heightened focus & determination
- Increased willpower
- Stronger immune system

So there's no surprise why we wanted to include it at the retreat!

P.s. if you're NOT a fan of meditating, then trust us, you'll love this!

Many retreats promise transformation, but it's a very tricky thing to measure.
Except with this particular NLP technique...
And that's all we'll say for now!

With our own private chef, meals will be prepared fresh each day.
No 3-course meals or 5* cuisine, just simple, healthy, plant based meals influenced by Greece!
GF options will be available.

On our penultimate night, we will head into the local town of Tsilivi to eat at one of the Greek tavernas and experience a classic Greek Night!

Everyone loves a goody bag, right?!
So on day 1, you'll get your very own welcome pack, filled with all kinds of surprises that will help you throughout the week!

This includes your own journal and daily prompt card, which will act as your guide for each morning before breakfast.

Just a 5 minute walk from the retreat villa is the incredible Donkey Beach, a beach almost used exclusively by the occasional Greek local in the peak of Summer. With crystal clear water which gets hit by the sun almost all day, a couple of handy changing rooms and a small snack bar with the best views on the island, it really is a fabulously serene place to hang out during free time!

Our very own in-house yoga teacher will be delivering four optional yoga sessions during the week, as well as the opportunity to book in 1-1s if you would like them 


What Previous Guests Have Said

We have truly lucked out here.


Oresteia Presidential Villa

Take a look at one of the most STUNNING villas in Zante.

This beautiful 5* villa sits just 300m from the beach, 5 minutes from local cafes and restaurants and a 25 minute stroll to the popular town of Tsilivi (Planos).

The villa has an incredible private 100sqm infinity pool over-looking the sea as well as plenty of little spots to soak up the sun and reflect.

A private oasis to make real change and have a much needed break – it really doesn’t get better than this.


At our October retreat, guests will be split between two sister villas – all the details and pictures of which can be found in the brochure!


Room Options

Whether you’re coming alone or with a friend, we have options for all!

Bring-a-friend Offer

Know someone who could also benefit from this week long retreat? Bring them along and share a King room all to yourselves! #sleepovervibes


Twin Room

Our most popular rooms with 2 single beds. We'll match you up with someone (same gender only).

This is what most of our guests choose!


King Room

Go all out and have a King room to yourself!



More of what our clients have to say!

If you are someone on the fence about this retreat all I can say is DO IT.

Hands down the best experience of my life and has changed my life in so many ways and that is possible for you.

– Anon


Izzie gave me the techniques I needed to help me gain confidence and allow myself to start to retrain my brain. With a lot of patience Izzie managed to get me to see how I can make a difference and feel better about myself and life in general. She has helped me to be able to work through personal and work issues and has settled my over thinking brain. 

Highly recommend

– Molly. W

I don’t know what Izzie did but it worked literally the next day – I implemented the strategies she recommended to me and it’s worked wonders. 

– Tehmoor. K

Izzie is an amazing coach, and has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to identify and gain an understanding of the specific issues I was experiencing.

– Matt. W


Izzie is absolutely brilliant and creates a safe space, where you feel you can be totally honest without judgement, which is needed when you’re tackling an issue that is bothering you. Working with has been hugely beneficial. I now have a much higher baseline of happiness, and can better deal with situations myself that would usually either stress me out or ‘ruin my day’ when they never really needed to!

– Jack. T


What you’ll get up to


Whether you’re coming alone or with a friend, we have options for all!


Day 1 is all about getting settled in at the villa, getting to know everyone and establishing a strong, personal intention for the week.

10:30am - arrivals

12pm - welcome brunch & tours

1:30pm - free time

5pm - group activities

6:30pm - dinner at villa

7:30pm - intention setting workshop

8:30pm - wind down


Day 2 is our confidence day!

7am - personal journalling time

8am - intro to Wim Hof Breathwork

8:45am - breakfast

9:30am - boat tour of the island

Free time (option to explore Zakinthos town after boat trip)

6:30pm - dinner at villa

7:30pm - sharing circle and journalling

8:30pm - wind down


Day 3 dives deep into our mindset - where it's currently at and how, by developing our understanding of how the brain works, we can rewire our thoughts to better serve us.

7am - personal journalling time

8am - Wim Hof Breathing Practice

8:30am - breakfast

9:30am - 'Intro to your Brain' workshop

11am - break

11:30am - 'Rewiring your Brain' workshop

1pm - free time

7pm - Dinner at the villa

8pm - gratitude circle & games

9pm - wind down


Day 4 focuses on developing acceptance and gratitude for our past and all that we are.

9:30am - sunrise hike

12pm - 'Self-Acceptance' workshop

1:30pm - free time

5pm - check in & journalling

6:30pm - dinner at the villa

7:30pm - confidence workshop

8:30pm - wind down 


Day 5 is our transformation day, where we use powerful NLP practices to remove deep rooted limiting beliefs to free us up to fully embrace this new, empowered version of ourselves.

7am - personal journalling time

8am - Wim Hof breathing practice

8:30am - Breakfast

9:30am - Identity workshop

11am - Break

12:30pm - Transformational NLP workshop

1:30pm - Free Time

7pm - Greek Night in the local town! (This is a traditional Greek evening with food, Greek dancing and music!)

8:30pm - wind down


Day 6 is where we focus on the path we are currently travelling on and where we want it to lead...

7am - Personal journalling time

8am - Wim Hof breathing practice

8:30am - Breakfast

9:30am - 'Goal Getting' workshop

11am - Break

12:30pm - 'Future You' workshop

1pm - Free time

6pm - Celebratory night at the villa (and a few extra surprises!)

The Beginning

Day 7 we call 'The Beginning', because this trip is the start of a brand new life filled with optimism, hope, excitement and purpose.

8am - Wim Hof breathing practice & visualisation workshop

8:30am - Breakfast

10am - checkout & goodbyes


Yes, we do! All that is required to secure your spot is a £500 deposit. We then have flexible payment plans to help you to pay the remainder before the start of your retreat!

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

You are responsible for making your way to the retreat villa. Popular ways of getting to Zante are to fly straight into Zakynthos airport, or to fly to Athens/another island before getting a short flight or ferry to Zante the morning of the retreat (20 min drive to the villa).
Once everyone has shared their travel plans, we will let you know if anyone is arriving at the same time as you!

Each day there will be fresh fruit and snacks at the villa for those with a lighter appetite around lunchtime, as well as a fridge for you to store any personal food items.

That said, there are many restaurants, beach clubs and tavernas, all within a 10 minute walk, so during free time at lunch, you are welcome to head into the town of Planos and explore the local cuisine. 

Yes, valid travel insurance for your trip to Zante and all experiences is a requirement to attend. 

Yes, 6/7 of the days you will have free time for lunch and to explore the local area, with other windows of time during the retreat where you can choose to be alone and enjoy the beautiful island however you please.

At the start of the week you will be given a full schedule of all activities and timeframes.

This retreat follows the guidelines of travel into Greece.
As of right now, NO proof of vaccination or negative covid test is required.
Please check independently to ensure you are covered and can arrive without incident. 

All payments are final, so please be completely sure you can attend before booking. Your fee becomes non-refundable after 14 days. We have to be strict on this, as it’s the only way we can put on these events. Be totally sure you can attend before you book.

Please check out our Ts&Cs here.

(This is so that we can immediately assess whether or not this experience is right for you)

(If you do meet our initial criteria, we’ll ask you to hop on a call so we can find out more about you and help you make a decision as to whether the retreat is right for you)

(just kidding… it’s a little too soon for that! But if you are picked to be a part of the retreat, once you’re officially IN, you’ll receive a welcome pack and be officially part of the 2023 Self-Empowerment Retreat group!! Eeek).

So, to be in the best chance of securing your spot, click the link below to fill in your application!

Can you be honest with yourself for one second?

Listen, we know all too well that it’s fun to dream of having more confidence, more fun, more control of your mindset, that ability to have faith in yourself without question. But without changing the way that you think, you have no way to get out of the stuck cycle that you’re in…
The fear of change can be daunting.
But if you’re determined to find a new level of fulfilment, and sick of giving so much energy to things that don’t serve you, leaving you more exhausted and stuck than ever before…
Then what you need is a break and a set of clear strategies that will help you to confidently move forward. 

Meet Your Host


If you’ve came from Izzie’s socials..then you’ll obviously know who she is. But if you’re new here, then Izzie is a Mindset Strategist, Coach, Speaker and of course… Retreat Host!

A Note From Izzie

“I’m so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to both offer and share this experience with you! It will without a doubt be an unforgettable trip of lifelong memories and learning, and I cannot wait to share it with you!”

The thing is…

Most people have a hard time liking themselves, let alone LOVING themselves, & this self-perception is echoed in their mindset around life in general.

Even when we do feel loveable, worthy & authentic, we can find ourselves holding back in new or intimidating situations, rather than being confidently & unapologetically ourselves.

5 years ago, I allowed the end of a relationship to pull my entire life apart. I was so emotional that lost my job. With no job I subsequently lost my flat.The overwhelming grief & inability to process my feelings led to me losing several aspects of my mental & physical health.

My victim mentality & the hateful relationship I had with myself fuelled unkind interactions with others losing me friends, but in truth…

I lost everything because I had lost myself.

Whether you have experienced a considerable sense of loss – a job, a partner, a loved one – or you simply feel lost in your own life or struggle to be unapologetically yourself in certain situations…

This retreat was created for YOU.

Regardless of anything else you’ve lost, a loss of authenticity, confidence and/or mindset will limit you from having a fulfilled life.

Happiness is not the goal here, SELF-EMPOWERMENT is.

Because when you’re feeling good in yourself, life looks brighter, relationships are easier, and that backpack of guilt, regret, anxiousness, sadness… is thrown into the sea.

It’s Time To Feel Empowered

If you don’t, someone else will.

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