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Unfortunately at this time, there are no spots left on our Zante Self-Empowerment retreats for your gender.

Why not check out our mixed gender, 3-day UK New Years’ retreat instead?!

3 Day Retreat

Reflection and Goal Setting

31st Dec - 2nd Jan

DEC 31 – JAN 02

Peak District, UK

New Year's

Goal Setting


3 Day Retreat

Reflection and Goal Setting

31st Dec - 2nd Jan

DEC 31 – JAN 02

Peak District, UK

About The retreat

New Year's Goal Setting Retreat

How many times have you said:

“Next year will be different” and it wasn’t? 


How many New Years’ celebrations have you sat through feeling miserable?


Or hearing about how rubbish (or great) everyone else’s year was?

Well what if...

you could get away and spend 3 days discussing ‘real sh*t’ with likeminded people who become your new accountability buddies?

The truth is:

It’s time to STOP blaming each year and START changing how you spend it.


And that starts with setting powerful goals, priorities and intentions for the year ahead.

[with just a £100 deposit]


Ready To Make 2025 YOUR Year?

Proven Workshops Backed By
Leading-edge Neuroscience

When we want to make a change, it's important that we understand WHY and HOW we are making that change.
Due to this, the entire retreat is rooted in research from the following areas...

Stuff that ACTUALLY works.


What you Will Get

Carefully selected, Dovedale Manor allows all retreat guests to enjoy the space together, whilst having plenty of private areas to reflect in silence.

Not to mention, the venue is situated in the heart of the Peak District, surrounded by fields, fields and... more fields!

The Wim Hof breathing method is a technique that has quite frankly, a RIDICULOUS tonne of benefits, and is a retreat favourite among our guests.

By participating in these sessions, you'll find that you have:

- Increased energy
- Better sleep
- Reduced stress levels
- Heightened focus & determination
- Increased willpower
- Stronger immune system

We've seen incredible results from introducing this style of breathwork at our retreats, so it was a no-brainer to include it at this one!

P.s. if you're NOT a fan of meditating, then trust us, you'll love this!

Each day, you'll be guided by experts through workshops designed to help you reflect on 2024 with both honesty and positivity, enhance your relationship with yourself, and develop a motivating and achievable roadmap for the year ahead.

All sessions are backed by leading edge neuroscience, positive psychology and NLP.

You can find the full list of sessions in the itinerary at the bottom of the page!

With our own private chef, meals will be prepared fresh each day.

No 3-course meals or 5* cuisine, just simple, healthy, plant based meals.

If you do have any dietary requirements, please let us know and we will gladly try our best to cater for your needs.

Everyone loves a goody bag, right?!
So on day 1, you'll get your very own welcome pack, filled with all kinds of surprises that will help you throughout the retreat!

This includes your own journal and daily prompt card, which will act as your guide for each morning before breakfast.

At most retreats, you show up, have a great time, and then go home. Not here! You do have a great time, and then head home (we’re not going to kidnap you!), but once you’re at home, we keep on supporting you through our private Accountability Club. This means you'll have weekly drop in sessions with our Transformation and Accountability Coach (as well as be able to check-in with your new BFFs!), monthly progress workshops, access to exclusive retreat-alumni events, and so much more! In short... we continue to look after you long after the retreat has ended.

Can you be honest with yourself for one second?

Listen, we know all too well that it’s fun to dream of having more confidence, more fun, more control of your mindset, that ability to have faith in yourself without question. But without changing the way that you think, you have no way to get out of the stuck cycle that you’re in…
The fear of change can be daunting.
But if you’re determined to find a new level of fulfilment, and sick of giving so much energy to things that don’t serve you, leaving you more exhausted and stuck than ever before…
Then what you need is a break and a set of clear strategies that will help you to confidently move forward and have the best year of your life! 

We have truly lucked out here.


Oresteia Presidential Villa

Take a look at one of the most GEROGEOUS villas in Zante, The Oresteia Presidential Villa. This beautiful 5* villa sits just 300m from the beach, 5 minutes from local cafes and restaurants and a 25 minute stroll to the popular town of Tsilivi (Planos).

The villa has an incredible private 100sqm infinity pool over-looking the sea as well as plenty of little spots to soak up the sun and reflect.

A private oasis to make real change and have a much needed break – it really doesn’t get better than this.


Room Options

Whether you’re coming alone or with a friend, we have options for all!


£599 PP


(Save over £100)







[with just a £100 deposit]


What Other Guests Have Said

The workshops on this retreat were just perfectly executed and the group that I was with are so incredible. The people I have now met will be friends for life. The experience as a whole was absolutely priceless. The open conversations about all the deep feelings and the support shown was so comforting that allowed everyone to feel safe to dive deeper into their feelings, everyone truly achieved so much. I can’t thank Izzie Miller enough for accepting me onto this experience. It has truly changed my life for the better.

– Marcus. L

Izzie is absolutely brilliant and creates a safe space, where you feel you can be totally honest without judgement, which is needed when you’re tackling an issue that is bothering you. Working with has been hugely beneficial. I now have a much higher baseline of happiness, and can better deal with situations myself that would usually either stress me out or ‘ruin my day’ when they never really needed to!

– Jack. T


Izzie gave me the techniques I needed to help me gain confidence and allow myself to start to retrain my brain. With a lot of patience Izzie managed to get me to see how I can make a difference and feel better about myself and life in general. She has helped me to be able to work through personal and work issues and has settled my over thinking brain. 

Highly recommend

– Molly. W

I don’t know what Izzie did but it worked literally the next day – I implemented the strategies she recommended to me and it’s worked wonders. 

– Tehmoor. K

Izzie is an amazing coach, and has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goals. I was amazed at how quickly she was able to identify and gain an understanding of the specific issues I was experiencing.

– Matt. W


What you’ll get up to


New Year’s Eve

Arriving between 11am-12pm, we’ll kick off the retreat with a welcome talk, snacks & a group activity to help everyone settle in & get to know each other.

We’ll then head into a 2024 reflection workshop, where you’ll learn how to positively & productively look back at the year just gone.

That evening, we’ll have a pizza and games night, & celebrate everything you’ve achieved throughout 2024!

REMEMBER: New Years shouldn’t be about celebrating a date change, it should be about celebrating progress & growth.

New Year’s Day

After breakfast, we’ll introduce you to Wim Hof breathwork & ice baths (if you’re brave enough!), and then we’ll head into our second workshop, where you’ll learn how your brain works, and how to rewire it.

After this, you’ll go out on a fresh New Years day walk through the rambling fields of the glorious Peak District, before coming back for our incredible goal-setting workshop. You’ll learn how to set meaningful & actionable priorities for the year, identify your personal values, and create an achievable game plan to smash the year ahead.

We’ll finish off the day with dinner and a group challenge!

2nd January

After breakfast, Wim Hof breathwork & another ice bath, you’ll have your final workshop, teaching you how to give yourself a mental reset before you get swept back up with work, family & so forth.

We’ll then get packed up before heading out for our final activity of the retreat!


Yes, we do! All that is required to secure your spot is a £100 deposit. 


You then have until November 1st to send over the remainder.


Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.

All payments are final, so please be completely sure you can attend before booking.


Your fee becomes non-refundable after 12 days. We have to be strict on this, as it’s the only way we can put on these events.


Be totally sure you can attend before you book.


Please check out our Ts&Cs here.

Unlike our week long international retreats, booking your spot is super quick and easy!


Just click the link below to send over your deposit, and we’ll be in touch to confirm that we’ve received it, and let you know the next steps.

[with just a £100 deposit]

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Meet Your Host


If you’ve came from Izzie’s socials..then you’ll obviously know who she is. But if you’re new here, then Izzie is a Mindset Strategist, Coach, Speaker and of course… Retreat Host!

A Note From Izzie

“I’m so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to both offer and share this experience with you! It will without a doubt be an unforgettable trip of lifelong memories and learning, and I cannot wait to share it with you!”

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