Izzie Miller



7 Day Retreat

Science-Backed Transformation

2024 TBC

Spots Taken (ONLY 1 place left!) 12%

MAY 16-22

Zante, Greece


Self-Empowerment Retreat

Having spent countless hours on stages, in schools, Universities, workplaces and online, Izzie is now opening up the doors to the public… 


But only to a select few.


For those that manage to get a spot at Izzie’s retreat, they will experience next level immersion.


1-to-1 support, group guidance, and a room full of likeminded & supportive individuals.


Oh… did we mention it’s in a GORGEOUS, 5* villa in Greece?


This retreat is nothing short of transformational, and could be the experience that finally sets you free from the challenges that have been holding you down.



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With a new episode every Friday, Izzie shares thought provoking, relatable and easily digestible nuggets of wisdom in this podcast, encouraging you to question yourself & areas of your own life, so that you can gradually start to feel a LOT better, a LOT more of the time!

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Get To Know Izzie Miller

Why does Izzie talk about this “self-improvement” stuff? 

Well, everyone’s main goal is to be happy (whether they realise it or not!), and Izzie learnt that the only way to TRULY feel good – a lot of the time – is to be in control of our mind. 

Listen to her most shared podcast episode where she touches on some of the things that she’s learnt along her journey.


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There is no-one that you cannot be yourself in front of. Period.

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