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Words and delivery that make a real difference.

Izzie’s charisma, enthusiasm and unique blend of knowledge, facilitation and story telling, make her not just an entertaining speaker, but an impactful one too.

5* Speaker"

“Izzie was amazing! She brought way more to the session than we had anticipated, not only because she had to adapt the session due to lower attendance but due to her passion and charisma. Izzie was a 5* guest speaker who inspired all of her participants around the topic of mental health and offered personal history relating to the topic.”

"Absolutely Captivatied"

“Many, many thanks to Izzie; the girls (and staff) were absolutely captivated by her and it was a fantastic evening”.

— Queen Mary’s School

"Fantastic & Authentic"

Izzie was fantastic, authentic and inspirational”

I thought it was excellent, and Izzie was fantastic, authentic and inspirational. The children said it was a great session and it helped them to feel more confident.

– Tollerton Primary School

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Izzie is in-demand, travelling all over the country, so please get in touch! Whether you are a school, university or workplace, everyone can benefit from Izzie’s workshops and talks.


Amoungst Izzie’s other projects, Izzie is in fact part of the Art of Brilliance Team, ran by the incredible Dr Andy Cope! Click the link below to find out more about her involvement in the team!


Some of the topics Izzie explores

Example Session:

Mindset Foundation

This is where it starts. If your audience is new to the concept of positive psychology and self-improvement, or just need a reminder, then this is the session to go for!

Fun, uplifting and inspiring. 

Session length: 1 – 2 hrs 

Mindset Mastery

Diving deeper, this sessions looks at the neuroscience behind why we are the way we are and how we can apply simple strategies to reshape the way that we see the world and interact with ourselves and others.

Informative, enlightening and motivating. 

Session length: 2hrs – a full day.

Confidence for the Unconfident

Most of us aren’t as confident as we’d like to be – at least not in all areas. 

This session delves in to what it means to be in or out of our comfort zone, and how we can alter our perspective to enable us to do what we need to do and achieve what we want to achieve.

Memorable, motivating and emotive.

Session length: 1hr – a full day

Common Questions


Anywhere! Izzie is willing to travel far and wide to support all and every occasion. With invitations even as far as Australia!

Izzie's sessions vary depending on what you need.

She can deliver anything from a 45 minute keynote to a full day session and even has experience hosting week long retreats.

In short... Your wish is her command!

Of course - in fact it's encouraged! Scroll down below, complete the booking request form, and Izzie will be in touch to arrange a time to chat through any ideas or questions you have.

Izzie's schedule is constantly changing, so the more heads up the better! However cancellations do happen, so if you have quite a last minute request, it may still be possible! Just send in an enquiry or book a call and she will be in touch to discuss further!

There's no maximum amount of people - in fact the more, the merrier! Enquiries for audiences of 15 people or less, please get in touch to discuss details.

Izzie will bring her own laptop and a wide selection of cables(!). All she'll need is a screen/projector of some kind and a sound system!

That said, it may be possible to have sessions without these but please double check with Izzie first.

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